Past Events​

Mar 23, 2019: Circuit Kits and Squishy Circuits

​Aug 19, 2018: Earthworks!

Jul 22, 2018: Thrill Ride!

Jun 24, 2018: Reptile and Amphibian Extravaganza

May 19, 2018: Fantastic Fossils

Aug 13, 2017: Understanding Hurricanes

Jul 23, 2017: Coral Reef CSI

Jun 11, 2017: A New Spin on Energy

May 7, 2017: SOMEBODY! How It Works

Apr 9, 2017: "Pointless" Pollution

Mar 12, 2017: An Astronomy Adventure

Feb 12, 2017: Thomas Edison and his Phonograph

Jan 15, 2017: The Science Behind Printmaking

Dec 11, 2016: The Peregrine Falcon

Nov 13, 2016: White Sharks are GREAT!

Oct 23, 2016: The Importance of the Heart

Sep 17, 2016: Rainforest Revelations

Aug 21, 2016: Critter Craze: The Diversity of Bugs

Jul 31, 2016: Fighting Climate Change

Jun 26, 2016: Paleontologists and Fossils

May 21, 2016: Oceans of Opportunity

Apr 16, 2016: Forensic Drug Analysis

Upcoming Events​

​Jun 2019: TBD


Mission Statement

InQuire Science Series encourages an interactive approach to science education by creating stimulating experiences in various scientific fields through presentations by STEM professionals. By listening to and having the opportunity for hands-on activities with expert scientists and technologists, students are exposed to a diverse array of STEM careers. In this spirit, I created InQuire Science Series in Old Bridge, New Jersey to kindle the spark of scientific investigation in middle-school students.

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​InQuire Science Series hosts monthly meetings at the Old Bridge Public Library. The meetings are free and open to all middle and high school students of the nearby community. Each program features a local STEM professional as a speaker and is followed by a workshop.The programs usually last 45-60 minutes.